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Curative Control

Physical methods

  1. Sticky yellow traps predict CRF activity in the field and how high the numbers are during the risk period.
    To make your own sticky trap, spread used motor oil or plant sap on yellow painted plywood, 6 cm x 15 cm in size. Place traps near the plants keeping enough distance to avoid getting stuck to the boards.
  2. Mulching
    Apply 5 cm deep grass mowing mulch between the rows of carrots as soon as they reach 10-15 cm high. This should be placed right next to the plants. Add another 1 cm layer every week. Do this for a month. Mulching right next to the crowns prevents adult fly from laying its eggs on the plant. Mulching also helps retain soil moisture and prevents green shoulder, which is caused when carrots' crowns are exposed to the sun, and also makes roots bitter.
  3. Row covers
    Where farm size is small, seedlings covered with fine nylon mesh prevents moths from laying eggs on the leaves and or next to the plant.

Other substances

  1. Wood ashes or rock phosphate powder spread right next to the crowns.
  2. Coffee grounds mixed with carrot seeds during sowing repels CRF from laying their eggs.
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