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Curative Control

Plants in pest control

  1. Coriander

Physical methods

  1. Hosing with a strong jet of water knocks off mites and destroys their webs. Be sure to include the underneath of the leaves (Traunfeld; Malinoski, 2000: p. 9).
  2. Apply water to pathways and other dusty areas at regular intervals (Malinoski; et al., 2000).

Other methods

  1. Milk spray

Other solutions

  1. Flour spray
  2. Horticultural oil

  3. Horticultural oils are concentrated and must be mixed with water. Spray 2% solution against insects and mites. To make a 2% solution, pour 1/3-cup oil into a 1-gallon container, and then fill with water to make a 1-gallon solution. For a 3% solution, start with œ cup of oil. Apply successive sprays at least 6 weeks apart. You can apply 1% oil solution by mixing 2.5 tbsp of oil in 1 gallon of water (Ellis; Bradley, 1996: pp. 479-480).

  4. Soap spray
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