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Curative Control

Plants in pest control

  1. Chili
  2. Custard apple
  3. Lemongrass
  4. Garlic
  5. Neem
  6. Tinospora (Makabuhay)

Physical methods

  1. Sweep nets.
  2. Sticky cards.
  3. Fine mesh nylon nets to protect the seedlings.
  4. Pounded roots and stems of Makabuhay.
    Incorporate extract into the soil during seedbed preparation (PCARRD, 2002).
  5. Makabuhay water extract.
    Mix 2 kg pounded Makabuhay vines or stems, mix in 10 liters water. Soak rice seedlings for a day before transplanting (PCARRD, 2002).
  6. Chopped Makabuhay stems and vines.
    Place 2-3 kg of Makabuhay stems and vines placed in old sacks. Sacks securely fixed in the inlets of irrigation canals leading to the paddy (PCARRD, 2002).
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