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Fernandes, W.; de Carvalho, S.; Habib, M. 2001 Between- season attraction of cotton boll weevil, Anthonomus grandis Boh. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) adults by its aggregation pheromone. Sci. agric., Apr./June 2001, vol.58, no.2, p.229- 234.
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University of Nebraska. 2003 A guide to grasshopper control in yards and gardens. http://www.ianr.unl.edu/pubs/insects/nf327.htm
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Cranham J.; Danthanarayana, W. 1971 Tea tortrix, (Homona coffearia). Advisory Pamphlet, Tea Research Institute of Ceylon. Ceylon. No. 5/66; p. 8.

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