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Missouri plants. Cynodon dactylon. http:/ / www.missouriplants.com/ Grasses/ Cynodon_dactylon_page.html 
FAO. Ischaemum rugosum. http:/ / www.fao.org/ ag/ AGP/ AGPC/ doc/ GBASE/ DATA/ PF000483.HTM 
University of Florida. Aquatic, wetland and invasive plant particulars, and photographs. http:/ / aquat1.ifas.ufl.edu/ panrep.html 
TAMU. Goosegrass. http:/ / aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/ plantanswers/ turf/ publications/ weed13.html 
Weed Science. Group A/1 resistant sprangletop. http:/ / www.weedscience.org/ Case/ Case.asp?ResistID=5199 
University of Missouri Extension. Johnsongrass control. http:/ / muextension.missouri.edu/ explore/ agguides/ crops/ g04872.htm 
Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide. Johnsongrass. http:/ / www.ppws.vt.edu/ scott/ weed_id/ sorha.htm 
Pennsylvania State University. Jonhsongrass and shattercane control: An integrated approach. http:/ / pubs.cas.psu.edu/ FreePubs/ pdfs/ uc039.pdf 
Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide. Redroot pigweed. http:/ / www.ppws.vt.edu/ scott/ weed_id/ amare.htm 
FAO. Eleusine indica. http:/ / www.fao.org/ ag/ AGP/ AGPC/ doc/ GBASE/ DATA/ PF000236.HTM 

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