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UNEP/FAO. Finding alternatives to persistent organic pollutants (POPs) for termite management. http:/ / www.chem.unep.ch/ pops/ termites/ termite_toc.htm 
University of Florida. How to tell the difference between ant and termite alates. http:/ / flrec.ifas.ufl.edu/ entomo/ ants/ Ant%20vs%20Termite.htm 
NCSU. Isoptera. http:/ / www.cals.ncsu.edu/ course/ ent425/ library/ compendium/ isoptera.html 
Davis, P. Termite identification; lifecycle. http:/ / agspsrv34.agric.wa.gov.au/ ento/ termites.htm#Lifecycle 
Gordon Ramel?s Isoptera Page. Termites (The Isoptera). http:/ / www.earthlife.net/ insects/ isoptera.html 

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