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EPA. Beauveria bassiana strain GHA (128924) Fact Sheet. http:/ / www.epa.gov/ pesticides/ biopesticides/ ingredients/ factsheets/ factsheet_128924.htm 
UCSD. Bacillus thuringiencis. http:/ / www.bt.ucsd.edu/ index.html 
NPTN. Bacillus thuringiensis. http:/ / npic.orst.edu/ factsheets/ BTgen.pdf 
EXTOXNET. Bacillus thuringiensis. http:/ / extoxnet.orst.edu/ pips/ bacillus.htm 
Colorado State University Cooperative Extension. Bacillus thuringiensis. http:/ / www.ext.colostate.edu/ pubs/ insect/ 05556.html 
Dr. Barto?ová. Bio-collector as an alternative method for the control of the Colorado potato beetle in organic farming. http:/ / www.nsac.ns.ca/ eng/ research/ biocollector_alternative_control_colorado_.htm 
UC Davis. Bordeaux mixture. http:/ / www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/ PDF/ PESTNOTES/ pnbordeauxmixture.pdf 
CTHAR. Cover crops and green manures. http:/ / www2.ctahr.hawaii.edu/ sustainag/ Database.asp 
NC State University Cultural control. http:/ / www.cals.ncsu.edu/ course/ ent425/ text19/ cultural.html 
Evans, E. Homemade insect control. http:/ / www.ces.ncsu.edu/ depts/ hort/ consumer/ quickref/ pest%20management/ homemade_insect_control.html 

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