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Herb. Lemongrass. http:/ / www2q.biglobe.ne.jp/ ~sakai/ lemongrassphoto.html 
  Photo of Red cedar. http:/ / www2.ctahr.hawaii.edu/ forestry/ Data/ photos/ Toona_ciliata_lf_pod.jpg 
Beech - Forest Photos. Mango. http:/ / www003.upp.so-net.ne.jp/ beech-forest/ plant/ mango2.jpg 
University of Kentucky IPM. Picture sheets have been developed to help identify insects, weeds, or diseases in fields or orchards. http:/ / www.uky.edu/ Ag/ IPM/ picturesheets/ picturesheets.htm 
Sussex Nature Web. Hoverflies. http:/ / www.sussexnatureweb.btinternet.co.uk/ hoverflies.html 
  Andrographis photo. http:/ / www.rimbundahan.org/ environment/ plant_lists/ taman_sari/ Andrographispanniculata.jpg 
Raintree Nutrition, Inc. Bidens pilosa. http:/ / www.rain-tree.com/ Plant-Images/ picaopreto-pic.htm 
  Eupatorium photo. http:/ / www.plantoftheweek.org/ image/ eupatorium.jpg 
Yamasaki Lab. Annonaceae. http:/ / www.pharmakobotanik.de/ gallery/ gal-anno.htm 
  Photo of Mammey. http:/ / www.ojaipost.com/ images/ Mammea.jpg 

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