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HEAR/PIER. Azadirachta indica. http:/ / www.hear.org/ pier/ imagepages/ thumbnails/ azadirachta_indica.htm 
Raintree Nutrition, Inc. Bidens pilosa. http:/ / www.rain-tree.com/ Plant-Images/ picaopreto-pic.htm 
HEAR/PIER. Gliricidia sepium.  http:/ / www.hear.org/ pier/ species/ gliricidia_sepium.htm 
HEAR/PIER. Melia azedarach. http:/ / www.hear.org/ pier/ species/ melia_azedarach.htm 
TAMU. Melia azederach.   http:/ / www.csdl.tamu.edu/ FLORA/ cgi/ gallery_query?q=+Melia+azedarach+ 
Image Library. Pongamia pinnata. http:/ / moth/ chplant/ plant_w/ Pongamia%20pinnata%2001.jpg 
HEAR/PIER. Tephrosia candida.   http:/ / www.hear.org/ pier/ species/ tephrosia_candida.htm 
UC IPM. Trichogramma pretiosum. http:/ / www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/ PMG/ H/ I-LP-HZEA-TS.028.html 
  Andrographis photo. http:/ / www.rimbundahan.org/ environment/ plant_lists/ taman_sari/ Andrographispanniculata.jpg 
Hiroshima. Andrographis. http:/ / home.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/ shoyaku/ photo/ Thai/ 95Andro.jpg 

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