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Home and Garden Information Center, Clemson University Entomology. Promotes the control of pests through researches and in sustainable ways. http:/ / hgic.clemson.edu/  
Kansas State University- Entomology Department. Provides extensive library of pest information and their control. There are also good photographs for the proper identification of pests and natural enemies. http:/ / www.entomology.ksu.edu/ DesktopDefault.aspx?tabindex=179&tabid=86 
University of Kentucky Entomology. Provides help for pest problems, answers to questions about insects and their relatives, or interesting ways to attract beneficial and beautiful members of the insect world! http:/ / www.uky.edu/ Agriculture/ Entomology/ entfacts/ entfacts.htm 
Purdue University Department of Entomology Extension. Provides information on crop biology and its production and pest identification and control, among others. http:/ / extension.entm.purdue.edu/  
Entomology Texas A&M University. Provides information on insect and mites identification as well as their protection and control in sustainable ways. http:/ / insects.tamu.edu/ imagegallery/  
Centre for Biological Information Technology. Sweetpotato DiagNotes is intended to help extension workers, students, farmers and others to identify problems in sweetpotato crops, and to easily access information on the crop and its problems. http:/ / www.lucidcentral.org/ keys/ sweetpotato/ key/ Sweetpotato%20Diagnotes/ media/ html/ FrontPage/ FrontPage.htm 
The New Agriculturalist. The New Agriculturalist is an online monthly magazine that examines global developments in agriculture. http:/ / www.new-agri.co.uk/  
The Ohio Agricultural Research And Development Center, Ohio State University. The Ohio Agricultural Research And Development Center promotes the enhancement of the well-being of the people of Ohio, the nation and world through research on foods, agriculture, family and the environment. http:/ / ohioline.osu.edu/ index.html 
University of Nebraska - Lincoln Extension (UNL). UNL Extension is committed to helping you know more about maintaining a healthy home, creating sustainable rural or urban landscape, protecting and managing water resources, properly managing insect and wildlife pests, and more. http:/ / www.extension.unl.edu/ home-lawn 

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