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Department of Entomology, Iowa State University. Using horticultural oil sprays for pest control. http:/ / www.ipm.iastate.edu/ ipm/ hortnews/ 1999/ 2-19-1999/ oilsprays.html 
Colorado State University. Soaps and detergents. http:/ / www.ext.colostate.edu/ pubs/ insect/ 05547.html 
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service. Horticulture oils as insecticides. http:/ / www.ces.ncsu.edu/ depts/ ent/ notes/ Other/ not45.html 
IPM, University of Connecticut. Horticultural oils. http:/ / www.hort.uconn.edu/ ipm/ homegrnd/ htms/ 33hoils.htm 
Evans, E. Homemade insect control. http:/ / www.ces.ncsu.edu/ depts/ hort/ consumer/ quickref/ pest%20management/ homemade_insect_control.html 
Beyond Pesticides. Boric Acid/ Borates/ Borax. http:/ / www.beyondpesticides.org/ infoservices/ pesticidefactsheets/ leasttoxic/ boricacid_borates_borax.htm 
National Pesticide Telecommunications Network. Boric acid. http:/ / npic.orst.edu/ factsheets/ boricgen.pdf 
UC Davis. Bordeaux mixture. http:/ / www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/ PMG/ PESTNOTES/ pn7481.html 

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