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Owen, M. Acetic acid (vinegar) for weed control revisited. http:/ / www.weeds.iastate.edu/ weednews/ vinegar.htm 
Fourthway. How to make plant tea. http:/ / www.fourthway.co.uk/ posters/ pages/ planttea.html 
Kaufman, E. Organic seed treatment notes. http:/ / www.growseed.org/ seedtreatments.html 
Coffman, B. Vinegar as an herbicide. USDA. http:/ / www.ba.ars.usda.gov/ sasl/ services/ index.html 
Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory. Vinegar for weed control? http:/ / www.ppdl.purdue.edu/ ppdl/ expert/ Vinegar_Weed_Control.html 
US Environmental Protection Agency. Wastes - Resource Conservation - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Composting. http:/ / www.epa.gov/ osw/ conserve/ rrr/ composting/ index.htm 

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