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Virginia Cooperative Extension. Downy mildew on cucurbits. http:/ / www.ext.vt.edu/ pubs/ plantdiseasefs/ 450-707/ 450-707.html 
Payne, G. Aspergillus flavus research programs. http:/ / www.aspergillusflavus.org/  
EPPO. Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. phaseoli EPPO quarantine pest. European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization. http:/ / www.eppo.org/ QUARANTINE/ bacteria/ Xanthomonas_phaseoli/ XANTPH_ds.pdf 
Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet. Anthracnose fruit rot of pepper. http:/ / www.ag.ohio-state.edu/ ~vegnet/ library/ res04/ pepanth.pdf 
Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet. Anthracnose of tomato. http:/ / ohioline.osu.edu/ hyg-fact/ 3000/ 3114.html 
The Ohio State University. Anthracnose, leaf blight, and stalk rot of corn. http:/ / ohioline.osu.edu/ ac-fact/ 0022.html 
University of Kentucky. Anthracnose: Kentucky IPM. http:/ / www.uky.edu/ Agriculture/ IPM/ scoutinfo/ corn/ disease/ anthrac/ anthracn.htm 
University of Wisconsin. Asian soybean rust. http:/ / www.plantpath.wisc.edu/ soyhealth/ rust/ rust.htm 
Cornell University. Bacteria. http:/ / www.nysaes.cornell.edu/ ent/ biocontrol/ pathogens/ bacteria.html 
Koenning, S. Bacterial blight (Angular leaf spot) of cotton. Cotton Disease Information Note No. 3. Plant Pathology Extension, North Carolina State University. http:/ / www.ces.ncsu.edu/ depts/ pp/ notes/ Cotton/ cdin3/ cdin3.htm 

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