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Colorado State University Cooperative Extension. Bacillus thuringiensis. http:/ / www.ext.colostate.edu/ pubs/ insect/ 05556.html 
Pagewise Inc. Homemade pesticide. http:/ / wiwi.essortment.com/ homemadeorgani_renu.htm 
Sierra Club of Canada. Pest control sprays you can make in your kitchen. http:/ / www.sierraclub.ca/ national/ programs/ health-environment/ pesticides/ non-commercial-pest-spray.pdf 
PUSTAKA. Sweet potato weevil and its control methods. Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesia. http:/ / pustaka.bogor.net/ dtbaru/ pan3158.htm 
Tvedten, S. The bug stops here. http:/ / www.thebestcontrol.com/ bugstop/ control_alternatives_favorite.htm 

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