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Penn State. Soil tillage management. http:/ / agguide.agronomy.psu.edu/ cm/ sec1/ sec11g.cfm 
DPW. Backyard composting. http:/ / dpw.lacounty.gov/ epd/ sg/ bc.cfm 
Ecological Agricultural Projects. Intercropping. http:/ / eap.mcgill.ca/ CSI_1.htm 
MSU. Legume green manures: A potential substitute for fertilizer in maize. http:/ / fadr.msu.ru/ rodale/ agsieve/ txt/ vol3/ 3/ a6.html 
Dr. Michael Peel, NDSU. Crop rotations for increased productivity. http:/ / www.ag.ndsu.edu/ pubs/ plantsci/ crops/ eb48-1.htm#intro 
Mettot, B. The inter planting of vegetables. Back Home Woods Magazine. http:/ / www.backwoodshome.com/ articles2/ mettot81.html 
NC State University Cultural control. http:/ / www.cals.ncsu.edu/ course/ ent425/ text19/ cultural.html 
Composting 101. Composting guide for home gardener. http:/ / www.composting101.com/ how-it-works.html 
Colorado State University Cooperative Extension. Choosing a soil amendment. http:/ / www.ext.colostate.edu/ pubs/ garden/ 07235.html 
FAO. Green manure, Crotalaria juncea L. http:/ / www.fao.org/ ag/ AGP/ AGPC/ doc/ GBASE/ DATA/ PF000475.HTM 

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