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UC Davis. Corn spider mites. http:/ / www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/ PMG/ r113400111.html 
NCSU. Isoptera. http:/ / www.cals.ncsu.edu/ course/ ent425/ library/ compendium/ isoptera.html 
Iowa State University. Spider mites are burning soybean fields. http:/ / www.ipm.iastate.edu/ ipm/ icm/ 1999/ 8-9-1999/ spimiteburn.html 
Colorado State University. Spider mites in corn. http:/ / www.ext.colostate.edu/ pubs/ insect/ 05555.html 
Colorado State University. Spider mites. http:/ / www.ext.colostate.edu/ pubs/ insect/ 05507.html 
The Horticulture and Food Research Institute of New Zealand Ltd. Two-spotted mite lifecycle. http:/ / www.hortnet.co.nz/ publications/ hortfacts/ hf401024.htm 
Oregon State University. Two-spotted spider mites. http:/ / pnwpest.org/ potato/ tspotspmite.html 

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