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Youdeowei, A. 2002 This extension booklet constitutes an important tool for extension agents in their work with farmers. It is the result of intensive work in research and in the field by plant protectionists. download 11 kb nothing 
Williamson, E. 1995 Pesticide effects on natural enemies. download 15 kb english 
University of Nebraska- Lincoln 1996 Principles of pest control. download 140 kb nothing 
The Green Lane, Environment Canada. 2003 Non- pesticidal control of insects. download 32 kb nothing 
Sierra Club of Canada 2004 Pest control spray you can make in your kitchen. download 173 kb nothing 
SACDEP. 2001 Summarized report of the international consultative and planning workshop on effect and efficacy and side effects of the botanical pesticides/repellents. download 181 kb nothing 
Rao, G.V. Ranga 1993 Farmers take a leap of faith: Drop pesticides and costs, but not yield. download 25 kb nothing 
Pundt, L. 2003 Insecticidal soaps. download 26 kb nothing 
Organic gardening and farming magazine 1972 A companionate herbal for the organic garden. download 69 kb nothing 
Ooi, P. 1999 Science and farmers: IPM by farmers. download 36 kb nothing 

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