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key visual: online information service for Non-chemical Pest Management in the Tropics

Send us your feedback and information

Your feedback

We want to respond to your interests and information needs as much as possible. Therefore, we encourage you to inform us on areas, which are not yet covered, but which are of relevance for your work. Let us also know if you have any problems with the use of the system, because we want that you can operate this online service smoothly.

Your information

Our online service is a living knowledge base on non-chemical crop protection practices for the users and by the users. It intends to act as a platform for sharing of information and experiences. We have made a start - but we are aware, that the information presented is incomplete. Therefore, we are very much interested in receiving information on your experiences and practices, so that other visitors of this site can learn from you. We want to encourage you to send us documents, reports, publications which contain information to be shared. Your contributions will be accredited appropriately. Our common goal is an agriculture without pesticides.

Send us your information and feedback by email to oisat(at)pan-germany.org

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