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West Virginia University. Jimsonweed poisoning in humans and animals. http:/ / www.caf.wvu.edu/ ~forage/ weedsolu/ jimsonwd.htm 
Weeds Science. Herbicide resistant waterhemp globally. http:/ / www.weedscience.org/ Summary/ USpeciesCountry.asp?lstWeedID=17&FmSpecies=Go 
Weeds Science. Herbicide resistant redroot pigweed globally. http:/ / www.weedscience.org/ Summary/ USpeciesCountry.asp?lstWeedID=16&FmCommonName=Go 
Weeds Science. Herbicide resistant smooth pigweed globally. http:/ / www.weedscience.org/ Summary/ USpeciesCountry.asp?lstWeedID=12&FmCommonName=Go 
Weeds Science. Herbicide resistant livid amaranth globally. http:/ / www.weedscience.org/ Summary/ USpeciesCountry.asp?lstWeedID=13&FmCommonName=Go 
Weed Science. Hairy beggarsticks (Bidens pilosa). http:/ / www.weedscience.org/ Case/ Case.asp?ResistID=381 
Weed Science. Herbicide resistant black nightshade globally. http:/ / www.weedscience.org/ Summary/ USpeciesCountry.asp?lstWeedID=162&FmCommonName=Go 
Weed Science. Multiple resistant common purslane. http:/ / www.weedscience.org/ Case/ Case.asp?ResistID=378 
Weed Science. Horseweed. http:/ / www.weedscience.org/ Case/ Case.asp?ResistID=5187 
Weed Science. Herbicide resistant weeds. http:/ / www.weedscience.org/ summary/ countrysummary.asp 

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