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DEEDI. Trap cropping. http:/ / www2.dpi.qld.gov.au/ cropresearch/ 14909.html 
CTHAR. Cover crops and green manures. http:/ / www2.ctahr.hawaii.edu/ sustainag/ Database.asp 
Rutgers Cooperative Extension. Sticky board traps for green houses. http:/ / www.wvu.edu/ ~agexten/ hortcult/ greenhou/ fs638.htm 
University of Kentucky. Using pheromone traps in field crops. http:/ / www.uky.edu/ Agriculture/ Entomology/ entfacts/ fldcrops/ ef112.htm 
Tvedten, S. The bug stops here. http:/ / www.thebestcontrol.com/ bugstop/ control_alternatives_favorite.htm 
PACIFLY. How to make a bag? http:/ / www.spc.int/ pacifly/ Control/ Bagging2.htm 
Sierra Club of Canada. Pest control sprays you can make in your kitchen. http:/ / www.sierraclub.ca/ national/ programs/ health-environment/ pesticides/ non-commercial-pest-spray.pdf 
Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory. Vinegar for weed control? http:/ / www.ppdl.purdue.edu/ ppdl/ expert/ Vinegar_Weed_Control.html 
Dr. Barto?ová. Bio-collector as an alternative method for the control of the Colorado potato beetle in organic farming. http:/ / www.nsac.ns.ca/ eng/ research/ biocollector_alternative_control_colorado_.htm 
UC Davis. Bordeaux mixture. http:/ / www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/ PDF/ PESTNOTES/ pnbordeauxmixture.pdf 

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