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A Modern Herbal. Basil. http:/ / www.botanical.com/ botanical/ mgmh/ b/ basswe18.html 
A Modern Herbal. Castor oil plant. http:/ / www.botanical.com/ botanical/ mgmh/ c/ casoil32.html 
A Modern Herbal. Coriander. http:/ / www.botanical.com/ botanical/ mgmh/ c/ corian99.html 
A Modern Herbal. Malabar nut. http:/ / www.botanical.com/ botanical/ mgmh/ m/ malaba05.html 
  Photo of Stemona. http:/ / www.tuinkrant.com/ tkarchief/ tk/ 100/ stemona_1.JPG 
  Using plants to control pest. http:/ / www.farmingsolutions.org/ successtories/ stories.asp?id=163 
  Plants with Broad-Spectrum Pesticidal Properties. http:/ / www.rexresearch.com/ agro/ 1pestic.htm 
  Growth inhibitory effect of extracts from Reynoutria sp. plants against Spodoptera littoralis larvae http:/ / www.scielo.org.mx/ scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S1405-31952008000500009&lng=en&nrm=iso 
  Pest control plants. http:/ / www.pallensmith.com/ articles/ pest-control-plants 

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