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CGIAR. Tropical whitefly IPM project. http:/ / www.tropicalwhiteflyipmproject.cgiar.org/ index.jsp 
University of Ohio. Two-spotted spider mite. http:/ / ohioline.osu.edu/ icm-fact/ fc-24.html 
CNN. U.S. imports fire ant enemies. http:/ / www.cnn.com/ NATURE/ 9911/ 30/ fireants.enn/ index.html 
Oregon State University Western flower thrips. http:/ / pnwpest.org/ potato/ thrips.html 
U Mass Extension. White grub identification. http:/ / extension.umass.edu/ turf/ fact-sheets/ white-grub-identification 
Sweetpotatoes DiagNotes. White grub. http:/ / keys.lucidcentral.org/ keys/ sweetpotato/ key/ Sweetpotato%20Diagnotes/ Media/ Html/ TheProblems/ Pest-Root&StemInsects/ WhiteGrub/ white%20grub.htm 
Oregon State University. Whitefly. http:/ / pnwpest.org/ potato/ whiteflies.html 
Cornell University. Wireworm's lifecycle. http:/ / www.nysaes.cornell.edu/ ent/ factsheets/ pests/ ww.html 
PA IPM Program. Wireworm. http:/ / resources.cas.psu.edu/ ipm/ 25pests/ wireworm.pdf 

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