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Wynboer. Mealybug: Biology and control strategies. http:/ / www.wynboer.co.za/ recentarticles/ 0301mealybug.php3 
Wisconsin Entomology. Insect predators of potato leafhopper. http:/ / www.entomology.wisc.edu/ mbcn/ field607.html 
USDA. Grasshoppers: Their biology, identification and management. USDA-ARS. http:/ / www.sidney.ars.usda.gov/ grasshopper/ Research/ guides.htm 
University of Ohio. Japanese beetle. http:/ / ohioline.osu.edu/ hyg-fact/ 2000/ 2504.html 
University of Ohio. Two-spotted spider mite. http:/ / ohioline.osu.edu/ icm-fact/ fc-24.html 
University of Minnesota. The desert locust in Africa and Western Asia: Complexities of war, politics, perilous terrain, and development. http:/ / ipmworld.umn.edu/ chapters/ showler.htm 
University of Minnesota. Imported cabbageworm. http:/ / www.vegedge.umn.edu/ vegpest/ colecrop/ cabbworm.htm 
University of Kentucky. Japanese beetles. http:/ / www.uky.edu/ Agriculture/ Entomology/ entfacts/ trees/ ef409.htm 
University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. Potato pests. http:/ / www.uky.edu/ Ag/ Entomology/ entfacts/ veg/ ef304.htm 
University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. Sweet corn pests. http:/ / www.uky.edu/ Ag/ Entomology/ entfacts/ veg/ ef302.htm 

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