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University of Minnesota. Bacterial blight - Pseudomonas syringae. http:/ / www.soybeans.umn.edu/ crop/ diseases/ bacterial_blight.htm 
Rice Knowledge Bank. Rice Doctor. Bacterial leaf blight. http:/ / www.knowledgebank.irri.org/ RiceDoctor/ index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=553&Itemid=2758 
North Carolina State University. Bacterial spot of pepper and tomato. http:/ / www.ces.ncsu.edu/ depts/ pp/ notes/ Vegetable/ vdin018/ vdin018.htm 
Banana Action Group. Banana bunchy top: symptoms and control methods. http:/ / www.ctahr.hawaii.edu/ banana/ downloads/ brochure1.pdf 
University of Pretoria. Banana diseases. http:/ / www.up.ac.za/ academic/ fabi/ banana/ diseases.html 
FABI. Banana diseases. http:/ / www.up.ac.za/ academic/ fabi/ banana/ diseases.html 
Dillard, H. Bean anthracnose. http:/ / vegetablemdonline.ppath.cornell.edu/ factsheets/ Beans_Anthracnose.htm 
ARS-USDA. Bolstering rice against blast. http:/ / www.ars.usda.gov/ is/ AR/ archive/ aug04/ rice0804.htm 
UC Davis. Bordeaux mixture. http:/ / www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/ PDF/ PESTNOTES/ pnbordeauxmixture.pdf 
University of Hawaii at Manoa. Botrytis primer. Department of Plant Pathology, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources. http:/ / www.extento.hawaii.edu/ kbase/ Crop/ Type/ bot_prim.htm 

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