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Wikipedia. List of tea diseases. http:/ / en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/ List_of_tea_diseases 
WARDA. Tracking down a notorious cereal killer. http:/ / www.warda.cgiar.org/ newsletter/ no%203/ trackingdown.htm 
Virginia Cooperative Extension. Downy mildew on cucurbits. http:/ / www.ext.vt.edu/ pubs/ plantdiseasefs/ 450-707/ 450-707.html 
University of Wisconsin. Asian soybean rust. http:/ / www.plantpath.wisc.edu/ soyhealth/ rust/ rust.htm 
University of Pretoria. Banana diseases. http:/ / www.up.ac.za/ academic/ fabi/ banana/ diseases.html 
University of Pretoria. Citrus diseases. http:/ / www.up.ac.za/ academic/ fabi/ citrus/ diseases.html 
University of Ohio. Fusarium and Verticillium wilts of tomato, potato, pepper, and eggplant. http:/ / ohioline.osu.edu/ hyg-fact/ 3000/ 3122.html 
University of Minnesota. Tomato- tobacco mosaic virus. http:/ / www.extension.umn.edu/ distribution/ horticulture/ DG1168.html 
University of Minnesota. Late blight of tomato and potato. http:/ / www.extension.umn.edu/ projects/ yardandgarden/ ygbriefs/ p230lateblight-pot-tom.html 
University of Minnesota. Bacterial blight - Pseudomonas syringae. http:/ / www.soybeans.umn.edu/ crop/ diseases/ bacterial_blight.htm 

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