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Purdue University. Pongamia pinnata.  http:/ / www.hort.purdue.edu/ newcrop/ duke_energy/ Pongamia_pinnata.html 
Duke, J. Solanum tuberosum. Handbook of energy crops. http:/ / www.hort.purdue.edu/ newcrop/ duke_energy/ Solanum_tuberosum.html 
FAO. Sorghum bicolor. http:/ / www.fao.org/ WAICENT/ FAOINFO/ AGRICULT/ AGP/ AGPC/ doc/ GBASE/ Data/ pf000319.HTM 
HEAR/PIER. Tephrosia candida.   http:/ / www.hear.org/ pier/ species/ tephrosia_candida.htm 
FAO. Vigna radiata. http:/ / www.fao.org/ ag/ AGP/ AGPC/ doc/ Gbase/ DATA/ PF000088.HTM 
FAO. Zea mays L. http:/ / www.fao.org/ ag/ AGP/ AGPC/ doc/ Gbase/ DATA/ PF000342.HTM 
Purdue University. Zea mays. http:/ / www.hort.purdue.edu/ newcrop/ nexus/ Zea_mays_nex.html 
University of Hawaii. Banana. http:/ / www.extento.hawaii.edu/ kbase/ crop/ crops/ i_banana.htm 
CGIAR. Banana. http:/ / www.cgiar.org/ impact/ research/ banana.html 
Lerner, R. Purdue University. Cabbage. http:/ / www.hort.purdue.edu/ ext/ senior/ vegetabl/ cabbage1.htm 

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