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UC IPM. Potato. http:/ / www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/ PDF/ PMG/ pmgpotato.pdf 
Purdue University. Potatoes. http:/ / www.hort.purdue.edu/ rhodcv/ hort410/ potat/ potat.htm 
Department of Agriculture, Prince Edward Island Canada. Pumpkins and squash production guide. http:/ / www.gov.pe.ca/ agriculture/ index.php3?number=69768&lang=E 
Purdue University. Squash. http:/ / www.hort.purdue.edu/ rhodcv/ hort410/ squash/ squash.htm 
University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. Sweet corn pests. http:/ / www.uky.edu/ Ag/ Entomology/ entfacts/ veg/ ef302.htm 
Centre for Biological Information Technology. Sweetpotato DiagNotes is intended to help extension workers, students, farmers and others to identify problems in sweetpotato crops, and to easily access information on the crop and its problems. http:/ / www.lucidcentral.org/ keys/ sweetpotato/ key/ Sweetpotato%20Diagnotes/ media/ html/ FrontPage/ FrontPage.htm 
Bessin, R. Tomato IPM guidelines. http:/ / www.uky.edu/ Agriculture/ Entomology/ entfacts/ veg/ ef313.htm 
UC IPM Online. Tomato leafminer. http:/ / www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/ PMG/ r783300911.html 
Purdue University. Tomatoes. http:/ / www.hort.purdue.edu/ rhodcv/ hort410/ tomat/ tomat.htm 

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