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Klass, C. 1993 Nature's botanical insecticide arsenal. download 27 kb nothing 
Kuepper, G.; Dodson, M. 2004 Traditional companion planting. download 61 kb nothing 
Natural Pest- Free Gardening 2004 Outsmart the enemy. download 26 kb nothing 
PAN - UK. 2001 Ethiopian farmers test alternatives to pesticides. download 20 kb nothing 
Pundt, L. 2003 Insecticidal soaps. download 26 kb nothing 
Rao, G.V. Ranga 1993 Farmers take a leap of faith: Drop pesticides and costs, but not yield. download 25 kb nothing 
Schalau, J. 1999 Aphids. download 25 kb nothing 
Sierra Club of Canada 2004 Pest control spray you can make in your kitchen. download 173 kb nothing 
The Green Lane, Environment Canada. 2003 Non- pesticidal control of insects. download 32 kb nothing 

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